Crowns in a Single Visit

One thing that sets our Dental Office apart from other offices in Fulton is our ability to make aesthetic crowns in a single visit in our office.  Using computer technology, a digital camera is used to take pictures of your teeth, rather than taking an impression with trays filled with “goop.”  Your crown is designed using software similar to what is used in a typical dental lab.  Then the computer communicates with a special milling unit to make a porcelain crown in our office, while you wait.  No more need for temporary crowns or second visits!  Crowns made in our office are just as strong as crowns made by labs, and look just as good–if not better!  Not only can CEREC be used for crowns, it can be used to make porcelain veneers and other cosmetic restorations such as inlays and onlays.  And, most of these procedures are covered by insurance.  Contact our Office today at (315) 592-7141 to schedule a consultation.

CEREC Brochure

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